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Roulette Payouts - Scoring Wins Through Smart Bets

roulette payout

Roulette is one of the best casino table games you can play online. One thing that convinces many people to play live roulette online is the roulette payouts chart. This game can be gratifying depending on the bets you make and the variant of roulette you’re playing.


However, roulette can be very tough and unforgiving to anyone unprepared for it. New players must have a roulette payout cheat sheet to help guide their bets and ensure they don’t waste all their money on the wheels. If you don’t have a roulette payout cheat sheet, you can go for the next best thing: this article.


We will show you the roulette odds payout of all bets and the best bets you can make in a roulette game. Let’s begin.

What is Roulette Payouts About?

Payouts in roulette refer to the sum of money you can win in a roulette game. Like any game of chance, your payout depends on the variant of the game you’re playing and which bets you make. There are two significant types of roulette wheels.


The first is the French/European roulette. This wheel has the best roulette payout in the game. And that is because it has only one zero and offers flexibility in your bets. The odds of winning the French/European Roulette online casino games are 35:1.

roulette payout

The number on the American roulette wheel is 38 compared to the 36 on French and European wheels. The number on the wheels affects the roulette odds payout, so the odds in an American Wheel is 37:1.


You can influence your roulette payout odds by making certain decisions, like choosing the French and European wheel over the American version. Also, the type of bets you make can raise or reduce the odds. Most experienced players make 50/50 bets on colors, groups of numbers, and the nature of the numbers chosen. These bets help reduce the probability of losses and give you a fighting chance against the casino edge.


You can also improve your winning chances with casino promotions like Vegas X Casino’s free spins real money bonuses.

Roulette Payout Chart and Odds

Roulette is not the most straightforward online casino game that you can play. However, learning basic roulette strategies can help improve your chances of winning decent amounts. The most significant way to improve your chances of winning is by hedging your bets. The following are bet types and their payout odds in roulette.

Straight up

This bet is on a single number. The roulette payout calculator puts your odds at 35:1.


This bet is on two connected numbers. According to the roulette payout calculator, your odds are reduced by 17:1.


This bet is on three numbers that are connected vertically. The roulette payout is at 11:1.


This bet is on three numbers using the single zero (0) and double zero (0,00). The roulette payout odds are at 11:1.


This bet is on four connected numbers that form a square. The payout calculator puts the odds of winning this at 8:1.


This bet is on five numbers. You can use the single zero (0) and double zero (0,00) to complete your bet. The odds of this number being picked is 6:1.

Line/double street

roulette payout

This bet is in six numbers that are connected vertically. The roulette payout odd is at 5:1.


This bet is on an entire column on the roulette payouts chart. If any of the numbers in the 12 numbers are picked, you’ll be paid according to the roulette table payout. The odd is at 2:1.


This bet is on the first, second, or third grid of 12 numbers. The odds of this bet are 2:1. This bet gives you a higher chance of winning the roulette table.


This bet is on low numbers on the roulette table payout. It specifies numbers from 1-18. The roulette calculator puts the odds of this bet at 1:1.


This bet is on the highest numbers on a roulette table payout chart. The numbers are from 19-36. The roulette odds payout is 1:1.


This bet is on all even or odd numbers on the wheel. A player can only choose one of the options at a time. The odds of winning this bet are 1:1.


This bet is on all red or black numbers on the roulette payout chart. You can only choose one of the options, but your odds are favorable at 1:1.

Roulette Payout Cheat Sheet

The roulette table can confuse amateur players, leading them to make bad bets. The image on the table is the roulette table payout chart meant to guide your bets. If you’re new to roulette sweepstake games, you can use this explanation to make informed bets and possibly your cheat sheet.

Outside bets

Outside bets are a group of bets on the roulette payout chart. This bet gives you low payouts but is highly likely to come through. The name of this class of bets gives you a clue about how to make the wagers. The bets are on the outside or around the edge of the roulette payouts chart.

Examples of outside bets are:

  • Column
  • Dozen
  • high/low
  • even/odd
  • red/black

As you can see from above, outside bets rarely involve numbers, and when they do, they do not pick a single number but a large group to maximize your chances of winning. The roulette payout calculator has outside bet odds at no more than 2:1.

Inside bets

roulette payout chart

Compared to bets made on the edge of the roulette payouts table, inside bets are made inside the table. With inside bets, you have a large betting pool and options to use. However, outside bets give you a lower winning chance, but if you win, you’ll get huge jackpots.


You can choose a single number, a set of numbers, or a whole range, as you wish. Examples of inside bets are:

  • Straight up
  • Split
  • Street
  • Trio
  • Corner bet
  • Line bet/ double street
  • Basket 

Roulette Payouts: Bets on American and European Wheels

The American roulette wheel is different from the European roulette wheel. The American wheel has more numbers because of its double zero (0,00), making it hard to win. But it is also the most common roulette game because it gives casinos a higher house edge (5.26%).


The European wheel, on the other hand, has just a 2.7% house edge and gives better payout odds to players.

Bets on European and French Wheels

Roulette payouts vary according to the type of game, bets, and wheels you’re using. And if you happen to be playing the game online, casino bonuses like Vegas x free credits give you more opportunities to spin the wheel and win more money.


To maximize your payouts, you should use the European and French wheels for your games. 


How can I get the best roulette payouts?

The best roulette payouts depend on the type of bets you make. If you want the highest amount possible, you should bet on a single number. The roulette odds payout for single-number bets is 35:1 on the European wheel and 37 to 1 on the American wheel.

Where can I play roulette online?

You can play roulette at Vegas-X Casino for free or real money. Vegas X Casino allows you to play free spins real money roulette games.

How does roulette payout?

The payouts for the roulette game depend on the wheel you’re using. But the standard range is about 35:1 to 1:1. Like many online casino games, the amount you get from roulette depends on where you place your bets. Inside bets have a higher payout but low probability, while outside bets have lower payouts and higher probabilities.

How to win at roulette?

No roulette payout cheat sheet can make you win consistently. The only way to give yourself a chance is to keep updating yourself on ways to bet and have knowledge of the payouts of roulette variants. You can also use casino promotions to give yourself a boost.

What are the alternatives to roulette games?

Roulette is not the only online casino game you can play. Vegas-X Casino offers many online casino real money no deposits games on their website. You can play Billy’s Game, Admiral Nelson, Keno, etc.

How to bet on roulette?

Betting on roulette is very easy. But making the right bet is a headache. There are many betting options available with varying roulette payouts odds. You can place your bet on a single number, colors, group of numbers, odd/ even numbers, etc.


Roulette payouts can be very tempting to new players, but before you jump into the game, you should take some time to draw up a gambling plan and also have your roulette payout cheating sheet with you. You mustn’t bet more than you can afford. This article has given you all you need to succeed at online roulette games. So register on Vegas X Casino now to play the real thing.

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