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Check out the Best Quick Hits Slot Games Online

quick hits slot

The Quick Hits slot machine is the brainchild of Bally Technologies. If you're a frequent game player, you'll notice some similarities between Quick Hits slots and classic casino slot games. Indeed, the software providers combined the best aspects of classic slot machines with the more modern and lucrative features of Quick Hits slots.


The game is one of the best casino games you can play online or offline. However, there are many slots for the Quick Hits version. To have a good chance at winning the ultimate jackpots, you need to know the advantages each Quick Hit casino slot game gives you and how to take advantage of them.


This article provides all the information you need to play free Quick Hit slots and win fantastic bonuses and jackpots.


Let's begin.

Quick Hits Slot Overview

The most important thing you need to know about the Quick Hit slot game is that it is, on average, more lucrative and exciting than the average slot machine. This game can give the best online casino payouts by increasing your odds over 5000 times. And that is without triggering the progressive jackpot attached to the game.


Most Quick Hit slots free games don't have progressive jackpot options but offer incredibly high payouts. They help you achieve these payouts by presenting the best casino slot promotions that you can use to play any of the Quick Hit slot games without making a wager.

quick hits slot

One of the best casino promotions that allow this sort of perks is the Quick Hit slots free coins offer. The free coins allow you to play various Quick Hit games for free and win real money prizes when you hit the proper combinations.


Regarding casino slot symbol combinations, Quick Hit casino slot games borrow some symbols from classic slot machines. And that is why, when playing this game, you'll sometimes see classic casino symbols like the Lucky 7s, bars, bells, and cherries. Another common symbol in Quick Hits slot games is the Quick Hit symbol. This symbol is like a jackpot symbol because it gives you the highest payouts of all symbols on the paytable.


Other symbols include wilds, which can substitute for any other symbol on the reels and help you complete a winning combination, and scatter slots, which help usher in bonus games, multipliers, free spins, and other exciting features.

Key Features of Quick Hits Slot Games

Quick Hit casino slot games are different from other slot machines that you may find online. For one, it is more lucrative and better made. But that is not all for this series of games.

Quick Hit symbols

The Quick Hit slot game uses the modern slot layout of 5 reels and three rows, which means nine different symbols appear for each spin you make. Some of the highest-paying symbols in this game include regular slot symbols like cherries, bells, bar, bar 5, single 7, double 7s, and triple 7s. The other two symbols are special slot characters: wilds and scatters.


The wild symbol can complete any winning combination on the reels. This symbol can replace all other symbols on the pay table except the scatter. The scatter is also a gateway to bonus games, free spins, and multipliers.

Progressive jackpot

The selling point of Quick Hits slot games is their lucrative, which is hooked on the progressive jackpot slots attached to the games. The progressive jackpot payout starts from $15,000. Additionally, if you put up the maximum betting amount, you can win 7,500x your bet.


The only way to win the progressive jackpot amount is by featuring five of the same symbols on the reels.

Quick Hit slots free coins and spins

Quick Hit slot games offer the best slot promotions and bonuses to help you win better payouts and increase your chances of winning the ultimate jackpot. Most of the bonus features in this game are triggered when you land three or more scatters on the reels.


You'll be taken to a 5x4 grid game when you activate the free games. You'll need to reveal the cards individually until you get three of the same answers, which will be your free game bonus.

Free Quick Hit Slots to Play Online

Quick Hit Platinum slots

This Quick Hit slot game features 5 reels and 3 rows. While this might seem like a regular slot structure, you also have 30 paylines combined to make it one of the most lucrative slot games you'll ever play online.


The game is further simplified with its symbols, which are all easily recognizable. A single spin can result in you hitting the 2,000x jackpot reward.

Quick Hit Black Gold slots

The Quick Hit Black Gold slot is somewhat different from the platinum version. And this difference is better seen on the pay table and symbols featured. This sweepstake game swaps a couple of classic symbols for other options. For instance, a $ and the third bar symbol are replaced with the 77 and 777 symbols.


However, the number of symbols is the same, and the odds are highly favorable to players who know what they're doing. To win the jackpot in this game, you need nine Quick Hit symbols to appear on the reels. If that happens, you'll win up to 2,500 times your original stake.

Quick Hit Pro slots

This game features a departure from the standard 5x3 slot structure that other Quick Hits slot games have. Instead, the pro version has 5 reels and 4 rows, which means each spin guarantees around 20 symbols on the reels.


While the structure might seem unfavorable or strange to experienced players, it is also one of the most fantastic slot games. This game has 40 paylines, and you have more symbols than other Quick Hit slot games, which means you have more chances of making a winning combination.


However, to win the ultimate jackpot in this game, you need to have 11 Quick Hit symbols on the reels.

Quick Hit Cash Wheel slots

The Quick Hit Cash Wheel slot game has the same structure as most Quick Hit slot games. It boasts a structure of 5 reels and 3 rows. It also features the same classic symbols that the game features. However, the requirement to trigger the jackpot is lower. You only need nine Quick Hit symbols to win 1500x your original wager.

Quick Hit Las Vegas slots

This Quick Hits slot game is the most popular of the series. And that's because it boasts several free games and gives players a great time on the reels. The game features fantastic sounds, graphics, and interactive designs.

quick hits slot

When you trigger the Quick Hit slots free spins real money bonus, you'll get a set of tiles you must pick randomly or in any order you like. This bonus game aims to determine the bonus you'll get. And that is determined when you have three tiles of the same bonus open.

How to Win Free Quick Hit Slots?

Like all slot games, Quick Hits Slot machines use Random Numbers Generators (RNG) to determine which spin wins and which will get the ultimate jackpot. However, if you're new to playing Quick Hit Slots free games, you should follow these tips; they are guaranteed to make you a better player.

Play the demo version first

It is common wisdom that you should first play a free Quick Hit slots machine before putting real money into it. Playing the free game will give you a better understanding of the game and the pay tables. You will also know what range of bets you're comfortable making.

Have a budget

Quick Hits slots might be the most lucrative slot game you've ever played, but that doesn't mean it is not also a volatile casino game. So, you must have a budget for playing the game and ensure you stay within the limits of your bankroll.

Casino promotions

Casino promotions help boost your bankroll and give you a better chance at winning the ultimate jackpot. One of the best bonuses you can get to play this game is the Quick Hit slots free coins. You should always read the terms and conditions of any bonus offer before accepting it.


Do the Quick Hit casino slot games make real money?

Yes, you can win real money from playing Quick Hits slots online. To win real money, you must play with real money.

Is the Quick Hits slot an excellent slot machine?

Yes, the Quick Hit slot machine is good. It offers good bonuses, jackpots, and other perks to ensure you never get tired of playing it.

Can I play Quick Hit slots free?

Yes, you can play free Quick Hit slots online. Go on any platform offering the demo version or play with your free casino bonuses.

How can I get Quick Hit slots free coins?

To get free coins on the Quick Hit slot series, you must trigger the promotions with your scatter symbol. You can also win free coins from your online casino offers to play the slot machine.

What other casino games can I play?

You can also play online slot games: Billy's Game, Starburst, Admiral Nelson, etc.


Quick Hits slot machines are the most extensive and lucrative casino games you can play online. These games have over 30 titles and offer as much as 7500x your original bet in the jackpot. The game also offers several casino promotions and bonuses. It would help to strategically use these bonuses, which can lead to a high payout. You can play Quick Hit slot machines when you register on BitPlay Casino.

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